Don’t want to read? Short on time? I’ll explain the special offer in about 3 minutes:



Here are the key details:

  • This applies to our currently offered plans/packages. If you are on a grandfathered rate, it will update to one of our current plans. Your annual rate may increase. That said, when you expense it over 4 years, you’ll see this is the best deal we’ve offered on our services and you are protected from rate increase for 4 years!
    • (Some grandfathered plans include Email. Email costs have gone up and so Email is billed separately for most clients. If you are on a grandfathered plan that includes Email it will be billed separately. Because of this we’ll give you a special rate.)
  • You must be on a Full-Service plan. If you are on a Basic plan, you’ll pay for whichever Full-Service plan sounds best to you. If you currently have remaining time on your Basic plan, you’ll retro-actively be upgraded to the Full-Service plan you choose for the remainder of your current term at zero extra cost
    • (If you are on a Full-Service plan currently, you must remain at your current level or move up to a better level.)
  • This adds to whatever you’ve renewed. We aren’t applying previously paid renewal amounts as credits to the deal… it’s too good of a deal as it is.
  • This is a big discount so we’re asking for a testimonial and a referral. It’s a small ask in exchange for 2 free years of service


BONUS – Keep Newsletters:

  • If you have newsletters, you get to keep your current plan’s newsletters. (Our updated plans exclude newsletters as they have moved into our Social Ignition option.)


Break up the investment over 3 months! ZERO Finance Charge.

  • If you want to preserve cash flow, you can opt to have this paid over 3 installments. One immediately, one on 11/1, one on 12/1. (This requires a credit card set for the recurring payments.)


Get your LOYALTY Discount

  • Our updated loyalty discount plan gives clients a 1% discount for each year they’ve worked with us up to 5% off. This discount may be applied to this deal. That means you can save MORE… between $150+ and $390+!


May help you save on taxes this year

  • Consult with your tax advisor. In theory, this should be a fully deductible business expense. It’s a great way to help reduce this year’s taxes while saving for years to come.


Want more savings?

  • Save up to 75% off our LiftDemand options including: Local Domination, Social Ignition, Search Engine Maximizer, Total Authority, Awesome Automation, and our Traffic Master solution.
  • Need to update your design? When you upgrade with this deal, any NEW design you purchase will be protected with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. New designs start at $1,500.
  • Want an extreme site makeover? Add our research + custom written content + six custom video package for $2,750. You save more than $9,000!


Steps to take advantage of this exclusive offer:

  • Step 2: Email me back that you’re interested along with which other options you’re interested in discussing.
  • Step 3: I’ll reach out to confirm the details and get you set up to SAVE!


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