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Members receive benefits like a custom tailored Opportunity Generating Machine, lifetime guarantees on custom website design work, and a competitor lockout on the primary zip code they serve. 


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liftDEMAND has been a huge asset to me over the past eight years. They are a great business partner to work with regarding our agency’s web presence. I’ve learned so much from working with John there. I can always count on him to have an honest and accurate answer to any of my inquiries. His level of knowledge is very advance and his passion for what he does is strong.
P. Handy

liftDEMAND is awesome. John there knows his stuff and explains it in a non geeky way. I highly recommend them.
S. Shoultz

liftDEMAND is our technology business partner with innovative web design and web-hosting. Their knowledge of internet marketing and online customer service has greatly enhanced our online presence.
F. Devinney

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