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Summer Blowout Savings - Inflation Buster

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72-Hour Inflation Buster Summer Blowout Offers Huge Savings on Digital Marketing For You



  • Buy 2 Years of Our Core Service & Get 2 Years FREE


  • Get $5,000 in writing credits
  • Get $5,000 in graphic design credits
  • Get a $5,000 statement credit and FREE months towards the “Grow” level of our Core-4 All-in-One Insurance Performance Marketing Solution
  • Immediately qualify as a Gold Level Premier Referring Partner and get a $2,500 statement credit for each new client


The details:

As we previously announced last year and for the last several months, our new rate for grandfathered clients is $275 per month or $2,750 per year for our CORE service. This is being rolled out to all existing clients at their renewal.

(New clients are paying much more. You’ll see why below.)

For the next 72 hours, you can lock in 4 years for $4,995 and save over $6,000! Plus you’ll get over $15,000 in bonuses

What’s included in the buy 2 years get 2 years plan:

(And what you would pay/year to get the equivalent and from whom…)


Managed High-Performance Security Enhanced Website

(Worth over $4,400/year – WP Engine, Wordfence, Beagle Security, CodeGuard, WP-Rocket, Cloudflare Railgun)


Never pay for a website design again…

(A liftDEMAND Exclusive – Priceless compared to paying $5,000 to $10,000 for website re-designs)


Integrated Automatic Search Engine Optimization

(Worth $205/year – AIOSEO)


Privacy Compliance

(Worth $48/year – Complianz)

ADA Compliance

(Worth $492/year – AccessiBe)


Customizable Secure Forms

(Worth $348/year – Jotform)


Email marketing with up to 2,500 sends per month

(Worth $708/year – MailChimp)


Access to over 1,000 articles from our content library

(Worth $2,460/year – InsuranceNewsletters)


Social Proof Live Stream

(Worth $60/year – SocialProofed)


2 Assisted Support Credits Per Month

(Worth $1,188/year – SetmySite)


2 Marketing Strategy Credits Per Year

(Worth $950/year – MarketHire)

Total Value: $10,859/year.

That’s over $43,000 of value over 4 years.

(This is why new clients are paying closer to $7,000 per year for this service level…)

You get it all for 4 years for $4,995 or 3 monthly payments of $1,895.


Lift Demand Customized Digital Marketing Plan - Inflation Buster

BONUS #1 - $5,000 in Writing Credits

We want you to give you a hugely positive return on investment. So we’re also giving you a matching credit of $5,000 worth of custom-written content. The going rate for quality writing rooted in a content strategy that is both designed to convert plus attract search engines is $2/word. We’re giving you 2,500 words to reach your target audience!

You can leverage these credits over the next 12 months or 4 years for your online marketing efforts. It’s up to you. You could have us write 8 pieces of content with about 350 words each. Those would make great blog posts to help boost organic traffic. Or, you could have us create new sales landing page content for your core offerings. 5 pages of 500 words each is enough to help you rise in targeted search queries and do a better job of converting prospective customers.


  • This is professionally written 100% custom content for you
  • Content will be written to help you reach out to your target market.
  • It will also help you demonstrate to your customer base and prospects alike why you are the #1 choice for what you offer.
Lift Demand PPC Marketing - Inflation Buster

BONUS #2 - $5,000 in Design Credits

Visual content is critical. So we’re helping you with this too. We will create up to 5 custom graphic digital marketing assets with three versions each that you can strategically place on your website.

That’s 15 unique graphic designs!

We highly recommend you leverage these with the custom content we create.

  • These each stand alone as content elements that you can post on social platforms too.
  • They are optimized to attract eyeballs and encourage conversion.
  • Each graphic will include your logo and a strong call to action. 

(Hint: You could also leverage these in retargeting advertising campaigns…)


Lift Demand Enhanced Social Media Marketing - Inflation Buster

BONUS #3 - $5,000 Core-4 All-In-One Insurance Marketing Credit

If at any time over the next 12 months you decide to take advantage of our incredibly potent “Core-4” marketing plan, we will give you $5,000 towards setup costs. As there’s significant work in building out and customizing our Core-4 program for each client, this is a huge value.

Our Core-4 solution incorporates digital marketing strategies leveraged by the giants.

  • It’s more potent than traditional marketing and traditional advertising.
  • It leverages critical digital channels to help propel our clients forward.
  • It includes Managed Website, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, and Increased Traffic.
  • It is designed to help you delight customers and increase referrals too!

Plus, we will give you 1 FREE Month every 12 months like a Baker’s Dozen. You will get this free month for up to the 4 years covered in this deal.

Our Core-4 solution is designed to turn you into a heavy hitter in your digital marketing efforts. Plus it’s All-in-One and we handle the majority of the work. For the right folks who want to grow, it’s an unbeatable value.


Lift Demand Enhanded Lead Generation - Inflation Buster

BONUS #4 - You will instantly become a Gold Level Premier Referring Partner

This gives you access to thousands of dollars worth of benefits!

For each referral you send our way that becomes a client, you will receive a $2,500 statement credit for our services. You can apply those credits towards our special list of exclusive offers for our “grandfathered” clients… as well as for our Core-4 Insurance Performance Marketing plans.

Plus you will be able to give the folks you refer a $2,500 credit as well. So you win and they do too!

And when you’ve sent us 10 potential customers that become new clients, you’ll qualify for a 50% lifetime discount on our Performance Marketing Growth plan. You’ll also become a Platinum Premier Referring Partner that will entitle you to more benefits including access to special exclusive destination training events.

We are looking to help business owners in the following fields:

  • Financial – Accounts & CPAs, Bookkeeping, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers
  • Health & Wellness – Acupuncture, Behavioral Health, Chiropractors, Cosmetic & Restorative Dermatology, Day Spa/Medical Spa, Dentists & Orthodontists, Fitness Centers, Massage Therapy, Retirement/Elder Care Facilities, Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals
  • Home & Construction – Carpet & Flooring, Carpet Cleaning, Construction/Concrete, Electricians, Home Renovation, HVAC, Landscaping, Pest Control/Building & Pest Inspection, Plumbing, Roofing, Solar Energy, Solar Roofing, Water Damage Restoration
  • Legal – Bankruptcy Lawyers, Business Law, Entertainment Law, Estate Trusts & Family Law, Personal Injury Lawyers, Real Estate Law, Tax Law

In other words, with your connections in your community, chances are quite high that you already know folks that you can send our way. You benefit. They benefit. 

So, let’s recap:

The 72-Hour Summer Blowout Inflation Buster Savings is $4,995 or 3 monthly payments of $1,895.


You get:

  • A managed high-performance digital marketing presence worth over $43,000 over 4 years.
  • Writing credits worth $5,000 that you can leverage over 4 years.
  • $5,000 worth of graphic design credits to help promote your custom writing.
  • $5,000 worth of credits toward the “Growth” level of our Core-4 All in One Insurance Performance Marketing Solution. (Expire in 12 months)
  • Instantly qualify as a Gold Level Premier Referring Partner with the ability to give $2,500 credits to referrals and get $2,500 in credits for each that signs up. (And much more!)

This 72-hour program requires fast action.

As mentioned above, this deal expires in 72 hours. We hope you can take advantage of it. It is genuinely the biggest savings opportunity we’ve offered you in 21 years. Hopefully, you can see how powerful and massive it is.

This offer is exclusively reserved for current liftDEMAND clients.

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