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See how 1,000 of our digital marketing agency clients have generated more than $500,000,000 in documented opportunities…

What You’ll Discover on The Video

The 7 Critical Elements to Generate More Opportunities

Miss one of these core elements and your online opportunity generating machine will be significantly less productive.

The Exact Methods Leveraged by Industry Titans

This is the secret sauce they don’t want you to know that can help you significantly increase the opportunities you generate.

How to Scale How Many Opportunities You Generate

The EXACT systems and processes you must have to increase traffic, opportunities, and sales for your company.

The 3 Choices You Must Confront to Make it Happen

Want more opportunities? You’ll have to choose which of these three options is best for you. (One is super-easy.)
We Help Local Professional Services, Large & Small Alike…
liftDEMAND is awesome. John there knows his stuff and explains it in a non geeky way. I highly recommend them.
S. Shoultz

liftDEMAND has been a huge asset to me over the past eight years. They are a great business partner to work with regarding our agency’s web presence. I’ve learned so much from working with John there. I can always count on him to have an honest and accurate answer to any of my inquiries. His level of knowledge is very advance and his passion for what he does is strong.
P. Handy

liftDEMAND is our technology business partner with innovative web design and web-hosting. Their knowledge of internet marketing and online customer service has greatly enhanced our online presence.
F. Devinney

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Revealed: How to Affordably Create More Opportunities

Leveraging The Same Approach of Big Players on The Internet

Do you want to attract more local people to your brand and generate more opportunities online?

If so, here are the seven critical digital marketing services you need in place. These “funnels” are leveraged by the most successful brands on the internet to attract and win opportunities…


You need to have a growing five-star reputation via active reputation management. It should instill instant trust in your brand. If you understand the buyer’s journey, you’ll recognize your brand must be present where they’re searching today.


You need to have an active social media marketing presence. It should SHOW you KNOW what you’re doing and that you’re ACTIVE in your local community. You must prove you’re worth doing business with. You must show your multidimensional and about more than selling. In other words, you have to offer authentic value to your local audience.


You need to establish authority with persuasive articles, videos, press and recognition by social influencers. This shows you are the number one go to resource for what you offer. These have to look great and be convincing to make people take action. They also must be optimized for Google and Bing for maximum SEO impact. These all work to help drive organic traffic to your site.


You also need an advertising presence that intelligently ties into Google, Facebook and other channels. This will begin delivering high-quality leads to your online sales presence. This augments all the organic methods of building your brand.


You need a way of easily cross-selling and upselling to existing clients. This also must reduce the time your salespeople spend chasing after those opportunities. And this should also increase your sales team’s effectiveness at cold outreach.


All this traffic must be pointed to a website that’s more than a pretty presence. It must be designed to convert traffic to opportunities. Your content should take advantage of neuro-linguistic programming. The design should leverage modern psychology, including color choice, pattern interrupts, and gamification. All this works together to make your presence more engaging and sticky and to help persuade more folks to say yes to your offer.


Then you must have a way of nurturing those opportunities automatically. You need email, text and voicemail sequences to make the prospect feel like they matter to you. This critical step will plant seeds in their minds eye on why your offer is the best for their needs. It also incepts cross-sell opportunities to increase per client profits.

Yes, I want to attract more people to my brand!

How to Implement These Seven Critical Demand Generating Funnels

Your options to put all these different marketing systems together are limited.

    • You can hire a marketing intern with little experience and pay for them to learn at the expense of your brand.
    • You can outsource to freelancers who may be inconsistently available and lack the professional systems to truly help you grow.
    • You could cobble together a solution on your own by working with a ton of different digital marketing companies.

Regardless of which you choose, you must become a talent scout and you’ll likely have to do a good part of the heavy lifting on your own. Plus, you have to become a digital marketing expert to direct all the different required activities.

Fun Facts About Business Owner’s Perspectives of Marketing Online…

60% Of Owners and Executives feel they are missing the mark with their digital marketing presence…


Dissatisfied With Existing Online Marketing Efforts


Say There's Big Room For Improvement

    • More than 20% of company owners and executives are significantly dissatisfied with their online marketing efforts.
    • Another 40% say there’s big room for improvement.

As a result, most try to do it all themselves and become totally fed up because it’s complicated and candidly a moving target! (Keeping up with Google and Facebook is a full-time job. Add in Twitter, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization, keeping systems up-to-date, and so much more… it’s a whirlwind!)

As a business owner/manager, is trying to be a digital marketing expert the highest, best way to leverage your time? Is that the sort of major headache you want for your daily life?

Chances are this is the single biggest reason you have struggled to take strong action with marketing online.

If you haven’t been able to fully leverage online marketing to help you generate more opportunities for your company, it’s OK. There are so many intricate pieces to make this work, and it’s certainly more complex than many make it sound.

Yes, I want an effective Opportunity Generating Machine!

Market Wisely™ With liftDEMAND

As a digital marketing agency, liftDEMAND has been developing and delivering online marketing solutions for professional services since 2001. Our team has been helping professional services generate leads since 1993.

    • Our team has direct expertise in a variety of fields including insurance, money management, banking, real-estate, pest control/home inspections, medical, legal, manufacturing, high-tech, and more.
    • We generate opportunities for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer facing companies.
    • liftDEMAND has generated more than $500,000,000 in documented opportunities for more than 1,000 clients over the last 20 years.

We know from firsthand experience that all the skills, trial and error and learning curve required to generate more opportunities online is crazy. That’s why our help is so valuable:


    • We offer a super-reliable system
    • We help you target and grow better traffic to deliver more qualified opportunities
    • We give you the ability to more seamlessly nurture opportunities into client relationships.

Your Missing Piece to More Success?

You probably know deep in your gut that if you’re missing a complete online marketing presence that automatically accomplishes all of what we’ve mentioned for the services and products you offer, you’re essentially leaving success to chance and you’re leaving money on the table.

(That’s exactly what the big brands on the Internet know and why they take online marketing so seriously.)


Sure. 15 years ago, you could throw up a website and be satisfied…

Yet today you must optimize your website for search engines. You must deal with social networking. Your web presence must be mobile friendly. You need to attract press and social influencers. You also need video and advertising presence and marketing automation. Plus, you must continually monitor and tweak it all! Oh, and you must have a presence that is both secure and compliant with privacy laws, the ADA, and your industry standards.

And having helped more than 1,000 clients generate more than $500,000,000 in documented opportunities, we can say this with near 100% certainty about you…

There’s too much for you to accomplish in online marketing to effectively generate more consistent opportunities and you’re missing the time and or the expertise to do it all yourself.

    • There comes a time when you have to take action. You need someone who’ll do the work for you so that you can concentrate on converting those opportunities into more clients.
    • You need to find a trusted partner who understands professional services and knows exactly what they’re doing. You need a partner with the experience and technology to help you generate more opportunities.
    • You need a partner that understands the challenge of generating more opportunities while also being aware of compliance realities you may face. (Including recent developments with the ADA.)

These are some of the reasons why smart business owners are choosing to work with liftDEMAND. They want to generate more opportunities with less work so they can concentrate on growing their presence in their local markets. And that ultimately means more profits for those owners.

Yes, I want more success and opportunities!

The BIG Question… Can You Handle Better Marketing?

How would you choose to live your life if you knew opportunities were flowing into the company predictably and reliably?


What would you do? Save more for retirement? Add money to a college savings plan, take bigger, better, longer trips, perhaps add an extra company location?

The reality is you could try and figure this out for yourself.

However, do you want to be a digital marketing expert, or do you want to be an expert on the professional services that you offer?

We’ve been solving marketing challenges for our clients since 2001 and can implement all of this for you in an effective and efficient way.

What to Expect With liftDEMAND

If you’re a good match to become one of our members, we’re here to help… to give you our 110 percent.


We’ll work with you to help you and your team get better over time at generating more opportunities and converting more of those into clients.

We’ve gone through the struggles and tested and optimized our solutions to work brilliantly for you. We know what works and perhaps more importantly, we know the mistakes you need to watch out for.

We’ll be your online marketing partner, will be your trusted advisor, we’ll remove all your stress and headaches when it comes to generating opportunities online.

We will create a plan of action for you to handle all the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on growth. It truly is a refreshing thing to know you have someone in your corner handling all of these details for you.

We’ll put these seven critical funnels in place for you so that you can more easily scale the number of opportunities you’re getting online.  And better still, this is reliable and predictable. This works regardless of what professional services you offer.

And where others require that you do a ton of work, we handle the majority of the heavy lifting for you. We help you become significantly more efficient with your time so you can concentrate on winning more business.

Our team has cracked the code the big internet players leverage to drive success. We’ll help you scale your opportunity-generating machine, leveraging the same techniques.

And the good news for you is that we’ve created our services to help you achieve the same result for a fraction of what the big players pay. We’re more affordable and effective than hiring an intern and we’ll also help you avoid having to deal with freelancers. 

Yes, I want to Market Wisely™ with expert help!

liftDEMAND’s Results Oriented Goal


Our goal is that for each dollar you invest, you see two dollars back and possibly more. It may sound like hype, yet that’s exactly what we want to help you accomplish.

By working with liftDEMAND, you’ll finally have an online opportunity generating machine, along with the systems in place to convert more of those opportunities into clients.

Take Action With liftDEMAND and Lock-In Your Opportunity Generating Machine


If you want to discover the exact way we’ll help you build your Opportunity Generating Machine, then schedule a 15-minute discovery call by clicking on the button below.

We’ll get to know your business to mutually understand how we can best support you. We can also talk about price, timeline, and whatever other questions.

Please know we are selective about who we work with because we want to help clients that are ready to be helped. We only work for people who are willing partners.


Because we lock-in your zip code so that your competitors can’t take advantage of our services!

Seize The Day! Market Wisely™ with liftDEMAND

It’s time for you to act. If you miss this opportunity, you’re letting your competition take clients from you.

How much more time are you going to waste hesitating while your competition takes action, makes more money and grows their business. How much longer are you willing to let your competitors have their way in your market with a response?

It’s your turn. Seize the day. If you’re truly serious about generating more opportunities and growing your business, then you need to take this opportunity today to Market Wisely™ with liftDEMAND.

Yes, I’m ready to seize the day!

Our Clients Have Generated More Than $500,000,000  in Documented Opportunities. Here is a List of Professional Services We Work With Throughout the United States and Canada…



  • Accountants & CPAs,
  • Bookkeeping,
  • Financial Advisors
  • Independent Insurance Agencies
  • Mortgage Brokers


  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Estate, Trusts, & Family Law
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
Health & Wellness


  • Car Accident Chiropractor
  • Chiropractors
  • Cosmetic & Restorative Dermatology
  • Dentists & Orthodontists
  • Retirement/Elder Care
Home & Construction


  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Construction/Concrete
  • Electrician
  • Home Renovation
  • HVAC (Summer & Winter)
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control and Building & Pest Inspection
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Energy
  • Solar Roofing
  • Water Damage Restoration
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liftDEMAND offers members exceptional quality, outstanding service, and unparalleled results.

  • We are a trustworthy full service internet marketing company.
  • We strictly offer services that give our clients the greatest chance to create opportunities.
  • We advocate best practices.
  • We offer our services to members only. This allows us to offer each client the individual attention they deserve.
  • We extend an EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIP to our members. Because of our aggressive approach to generating results, we work with one client of each Professional Services niche within a zip-code based limited geographic market.

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