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liftDEMAND makes it easy to have your own blog. Simply dedicate a page within our content management system, and you are half-way there!

Typewriter-closeup-shot-conceThere are a few key reasons to have a Blog:

  1. To demonstrate to your target audience that you are an Authority in your given profession.
  2. To create a stream of communication to your target audience that will help educate and thus motivate them to some action.
  3. To deploy unique, fresh, changing content that Search Engines appreciate which will in turn help to improve your site’s Search Engine Rankings.

Be aware of the commitment required to make a Blog work: A Blog requires ongoing effort in order to maintain it.  In our own testing, we’ve found that a Blog should be updated at a minimum of twice per month. The best performing Blogs are actually updated Daily.

If you cannot commit to this level of frequent updating, investing your time in a Blog will not be effective.  This is why it is important to leverage Greendays Full Service on your behalf.

The good news is that no one is saying you must have LONG articles in your Blog. In fact, we encourage you to keep your articles short and perhaps break them apart into a series.

We recommend the 15-minute rule. Crank out your first draft of your concept in 15 minutes. Clean it and post it. By the time you are done, you shouldn’t need to spend more than 45 minutes from initial draft to final draft.

We also recommend that you keep things fresh and current by adding your insights to a given issue taking place in your local community that would be of interest to your readers. Use the news to inspire you and then write your thoughts, your suggestions, etc., regarding that topic.