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We Help Professional Services Grow Profits

Our Mission is to Help Business, Financial, Health & Wellness, Home & Construction, and Legal Professional Service Businesses Increase Profits by Giving Them "Done for You" Access to a Proprietary Combination of Potent Digital Marketing Strategies & Tech.

From the Desk of John

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of liftDEMAND

I started my first traditional marketing agency in Seattle, WA back in 1993 to meet the needs of professional services clients. I recognized the struggle they faced in attracting more clients and cross-selling services to existing clients

In 2001 I pivoted to online marketing as I could see it represented the future of what would be required to drive success for professional services.

Indeed the struggle to increase profits by attracting more clients and cross-selling services is as relevant today as ever and is a consistent theme across the extensive list of financial, health & wellness, and legal clients I’ve worked with over the years. 

Things become more confusing and overwhelming with digital marketing:

  • How do you know what online marketing you should invest in?
  • What is worth the effort?
  • What’s the best path forward to maximize time, money, resources, and most importantly PROFITS?

I’m proud that liftDEMAND has successfully addressed those challenges since 2001. Of course things were much simpler when we were founded. Back then our goal was to make website ownership a joy. We also simultaneously built our system with a specific emphasis on security and compliance.



Today, liftDEMAND has grown significantly in capabilities. We’ve been helping folks in professional services generate more profits through increased customer retention, cost savings, and opportunity creation by starting with our DEMANDplan™ and then implementing our All-in-One Core-4 Profit Generating Machine. We build a customized and comprehensive solution for each of our clients that incorporates managed website, reputation management, social media management, and increased quality traffic.

We are driven by the notion that small and mid-sized “entrepreneurial” professional services deserve to have the same chance to compete and win in their markets as the giant behemoths that seem to have more money to throw at markets than what is fair or reasonable.

LiftDemand is the culmination of a lifetime of work… of deeply understanding the unique challenges faced in the professional services arena while answering the need to remain relevant in an ever-changing competitive landscape… especially with the advent of all things digital.

Our clients rest easy knowing they always have access to the best tech, the best marketing support, the best marketing training, the best tactics & strategies, and the best overall resources to make a huge impact in their market. They also know we aren’t the cheapest service… and they’re OK with that. They recognize, instead, that we are the best value.



Chief Marketing & Digital Officer


John has worked 30+ years as a sales and marketing leader in b-to-b and b-to-c disciplines for professional services including banking, business services, accounting, insurance, investments, real estate, and mortgage. He is actively involved in ongoing R&D to find and deploy tactics, strategies, & tech to help our clients generate more opportunities.

Our Technology Partners

We leverage some pretty awesome technology to power our marketing systems and we work directly with our Partners to make sure our member clients always have the best that’s available to achieve their goals.  Below you’ll find a sampling of some of our key partners.

Our Online Marketing Services Guarantee

At liftDEMAND we back our online marketing for professional services with a simple 100% Happiness Guarantee. 

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

Our #1 priority at liftDEMAND is your happiness. We stand by our services and solutions 100%! If you have a challenge with what we deliver, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. Simply reach out to our Client Support Team. We’re here for you!

Our Strategic Market Guarantee

At liftDEMAND, we lock up to one zip code per client that is strategic to your business strategy and block your competitors for as long as you remain a client. (You can optionally add more locations.)

Strategic Market Guarantee

When you work with us we only work for you in your strategic market zip code(s). Other marketing firms gladly take on the same types of businesses even if they are practically next door to each other. We think that’s crazy! How can we possibly strategically help you be #1 in your market if we are doing the same work for your competitors? We believe you deserve the best chances to absolutely WIN in your market which is why we ONLY work with you in your defined strategic market!

Our Lifetime Design Guarantee

At liftDEMAND, we back our designs for as long as you remain a client. We have yet to find a competitor that offers a LIFETIME guarantee on website designs.

Lifetime Design Guarantee

Our design guarantee is unrivaled in the industry. We create a website design that can grow and change with you. Need to update your design with a new logo? Need a new home page layout? Need an image refresh? We reserve Assisted Support hours so this work can be accomplished for you with zero additional cost. (If the scope of your changes are HUGE then we offer additional Assisted Support hours at a discounted rate.) We also keep the supporting technology updated and work with develeopers when there’s an issue all at zero cost to you.

Online Marketing Standards of Practice

At liftDEMAND we adhere to standards of practice as outlined by the BBB and the IWA of which we are active members.

  • We promise to treat our online marketing clients in a fair and honest manner.
  • We promise to offer our marketing services in a manner that instills a strong sense of trust and confidence in what we do.
  • We place a high value on professional competence, character, integrity, fairness, commitment, and trustfulness and seek to integrate this into all of our online marketing services.
  • We understand we are striving toward perfection. When issues arrive, we promise to deal fairly, own our mistakes, and do what we can to make things right.

Please click on the logos to the left for a complete copy of the standards governing members of each organization. If you have any questions about our online marketing standards of practice, please reach out to us as we would love to hear from you.

What Our Standards of Practice Mean For You:

 We’re 100% Dedicated To Your Online Marketing Success!

Our nimble, talented team is driven by our CARE principle to help you build your business. As such, we treat all of our clients as VIPs(Learn more about our C.A.R.E. framework by clicking on each word…)


We strive to always deliver beautifully effective marketing elements and solutions on behalf of our clients.


We pay attention to the details and make sure our client’s messaging serves the broader purpose of delivering value to their clients. We promise to always put your band values first so that you create authentic connections with prospects and clients alike.


We tenaciously seek to help our clients perform better and better in their markets over time via meaningful and measurable objectives. There’s a reason we’ve already delivered over $550,000,000+ in documented opportunities to our clients.


We strive to be both the best value while offering outstanding excellence in support to our clients. Our clients know we aren’t the cheapest solution. Instead, they appreciate and value how we invest ourselves in their success.

liftDEMAND – What’s in a Name?


As a complete digital marketing solution, our goal is to help clients increase demand for their products and services. We want our clients to be the #1 pick in their market. We strive to generate more and more opportunities in a cost-effective, value driven manner.  We seek to be easy on the bottom line while helping the top line grow.

Different Names – A Brief History

SiteforLess Logo

greendays group

Around 2010 we phased out the siteforless name and began operating under our incorporated name of greendays group. We did this to better reflect that we were a group of professionals striving to help our clients with a broad range of marketing needs including websites, SEO, Email marketing, content, and much more.

SiteforLess Logo


When we started in 2001 we went to market under the brand of siteforless. At that time we were one of the first to offer secure & compliant websites with an easy-to-use website editor. Our goal was to make website ownership easy and affordable for professional services.

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