We Believe ALL Professional Services Deserve

Access to The Same Potent Digital Marketing Strategies & Tech the Big Internet Players Have

From the Desk of John

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of liftDEMAND Inc.

I started my first marketing agency in 1993 to meet the needs of professional services clients who struggled with attracting more clients and cross-selling their services to existing clients.

This same struggle is as relevant today as it was then and is a consistent theme across the extensive list of financial services clients I’ve worked with over the years. 

The challenge is magnified when it comes to digital marketing. How do you know what you should invest in? What is worth the effort? What’s the best path forward to maximize time, money, and resources?

I’m proud that liftDEMAND has successfully addressed those challenges since 2001. Our goal was to make website ownership a joy. We also simultaneously built our system with a specific emphasis on security and compliance.

We’ve been helping folks in professional services since then while also expanding our capabilities way beyond websites…



I’m driven by the notion that small and mid-sized “entrepreneurial” professional services deserve to have the same chance to compete and win in their markets as the giant behemoths that seem to have more money to throw at markets than what is fair or reasonable.

LiftDemand is the culmination of a lifetime of work… of deeply understanding the unique challenges faced in the professional services arena while answering the need to remain relevant in an ever-changing competitive landscape… especially with the advent of all things digital.

Our clients rest easy knowing they always have access to the best tech, the best marketing support, the best marketing training, the best tactics & strategies, and the best overall resources to make a huge impact in their market. They also know we aren’t the cheapest service… and they’re OK with that. They recognize, instead, that we are the best value.

john - About


Vision Master (Chief Marketing & Digital Officer)

John has worked 27+ years as a sales and marketing leader in b-to-b and b-to-c disciplines for professional services including banking, accounting, insurance, investments, real estate, and mortgage. He is actively involved in R&D to find and deploy tactics, strategies, & tech to help our clients generate more opportunities.

Meet Some of Our Digital Marketing Specialists

patrick accounting king - About


#1 Accounting King

Patrick watches over the financial side of things helping us remain lean and focused on value.  

This results in savings we pass along to our customers.  Patrick’s background extends from finance to corporate real estate.  When he’s not helping with the books, he’s out “closing deals”.

wende content rock star - About


Content Rock Star

Wende has spent the last decade in the social networking world running several successful blogs and helping a pool of over 400 clients with their website content management and social networking needs.

Wende is tireless in her pursuit of strongly focused content driving towards better organic digital marketing results. She’s tough and will keep your content in line.

geo coding demigod - About


Code Demi-god

Georges writes code in his sleep. When he’s not working on the latest wiz-bang algorithm to accomplish “x” he’s writing code for our projects.

From custom WordPress plugins to specialty java implementations, Geo makes them happen.

You may have noticed we used childhood images for our team members. Why? Because when it comes to all things digital, we’re like kids in a candy store. Besides, it’s fun and aren’t they all too cute?

Our Technology Partners

We leverage some pretty awesome technology to power our marketing systems and we work directly with our Partners to make sure our member clients always have the best that’s available to achieve their goals.  Below you’ll find a sampling of some of our key partners.

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Our Online Marketing Services Guarantee

At liftDEMAND we back our financial services online marketing with a simple Guarantee. If within the first 30 days of purchasing one of our products or services you are not satisfied, you may ask for a full refund. No strings attached. No fine print.

liftdemand logo 300x87 - About

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You must be 100% satisfied with all the solutions you order from liftDEMAND. If you are not, we’ll fix it or give you a full refund!

BBB Better Business Bureau - About
IWA International Web Association - About

Online Marketing Standards of Practice

At liftDEMAND we adhere to standards of practice as outlined by the BBB and the IWA of which we are active members.

  • We promise to treat our online marketing clients in a fair and honest manner.
  • We promise to offer our marketing services in a manner that instills a strong sense of trust and confidence in what we do.
  • We place a high value on professional competence, character, integrity, fairness, commitment, and trustfulness and seek to integrate this into all of our online marketing services.
  • We understand we are striving toward perfection. When issues arrive, we promise to deal fairly, own our mistakes, and do what we can to make things right.

Please click on the logos to the left for a complete copy of the standards governing members of each organization. If you have any questions about our online marketing standards of practice, please reach out to us as we would love to hear from you.

What Our Standards of Practice Mean For You:

We’re 100% Dedicated To Your Online Marketing Success!

Our nimble, talented team is driven to help you build your business and we strive to treat all of our clients as VIPs. (Because we’re a boutique firm, with liftDEMAND, you are always a name, rather than an account number.)

Vip - About

liftDEMAND – What’s in a Name?

Days New Day New Opportunities - About


The rising sun brings fresh opportunities and we are here to make certain our member-clients rise above like the sun and make the most gains they can through their digital marketing efforts.

Green Generate Opportunities - About


Our goal is to help our member-clients generate more opportunities in a cost-effective, value driven manner.  We seek to be easy on the bottom line while helping the top line grow.

Ready for Your liftDEMAND Opportunity Generating Machine?

We can help you capture more local opportunities!

Connect with the liftDEMAND team about a building a complete opportunity generating engine for YOUR professional services business.

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