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What the heck is Lorem Ipsum?

(And why does it show up on WordPress website designs?)

This is a Terrific Question… And Ties In With Fun History

Lorem Ipsum is the traditional text leveraged by the typesetting and printing industry since the 1500’s! As we’ve moved from the physicality of manually setting type into the digital realm of page layout and design with computers, Lorem Ipsum came with. Desktop publishing software like PageMaker incorporated Lorem Ipsum to help designers pre-populate complex page layouts before the final content was placed into the pages. (Designers did this because it was easier to spot layout challenges with Lorem Ipsum than it was the actual text that was to be placed.)

Most folks don’t realize it’s also built into Microsoft Word… Yes, in addition to “The quick brown fox…” Microsoft included the ability to insert Lorem Ipsum text into a formatted Word Document to help you test the formatting setup before placing the actual text.

It Works!

Lorem Ipsum offers a fairly typical letter distribution making it LOOK like something readable… This helps perfect design without distracting with invariable word edits that will come later… once the design is as intended. In recent times, it has jumped from desktop publishing into the world of web design. Perform a search for ‘lorem ipsum’ and you’ll likely find a ton of websites being constructed.

Where does it come from?

Lorem Ipsum is rooted in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC. This makes it over 2000 years old. “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC is the source material. This book was quite popular during the Renaissance and is a treatise on the theory of ethics. Here’s a small quote from it, translated into English…

Which of us takes up strenuous exercise, except to gain an advantage from it?”

How Lorem Ipsum Fits Within the SiteforLess Custom WordPress Web Design Process

Our custom WordPress design process involves creating a series of mockups to perfect the look & feel of your website design before it moves into final programming.

This is a rapid deployment technique for our WordPress design services to help your website go live as quickly as possible. We leverage Lorem Ipsum text within the mockup to help visualize font spacing, font styles, layout, etc.

As we move the site from mockup into live design we also leverage Lorem Ipsum within the live WordPress website design to again help visualize the site design as it is made live.

So there you have it! Lorem Ipsum is a hold-over from the 1500’s and the invention of the printing press… and it is as useful today in creating a custom WordPress site…