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How to get SiteforLess at zero cost to you…

(And put the fastest, security-minded managed WordPress hosting solution to work on your behalf)
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First, a brief backstory about SiteforLess Managed WordPress to help frame the value…

SiteforLess was launched by liftDEMAND Inc back in 2001 to offer the absolute best value in websites. Our original hosting solution included quite a bit. Website and Email hosting, fantastic support, and a proprietary on-website management system were built in. Yes, we launched probably one of the first visual website management systems starting back in 2001!

Fast forward to 2018. We’re still here and going strong. Sure some things have changed. We realized the power of WordPress early on and shifted to support it as a potent content management platform for our clients. WordPress is the absolute best way to deploy websites for our clients. (In fact, WordPress presently powers 25%+ of all websites on the Internet.)

And we loved the fact that we could devote our programming and I.T. resources to perfecting WordPress. Our emphasis is on making our implementation of WordPress fully optimized for speed and security. (Our private cloud has optimized servers within secure data centers and our proprietary SiteforLess WatchDog™ security system is unparalleled… complete with Artificial Intelligence.) We also understand WordPress can be a hassle for small companies to try and manage alone. That’s why we’ve backed our version of WordPress with pros to take great care of your needs… from handling updates to your site to ensuring that a backup is always available.

Our clients receive the most potent, best-performing content management platform. It is one of the fastest, most secure WordPress hosting solutions available. We also incorporate powerful premium marketing services at zero cost. Secure & compliant forms, Email marketing, secure & compliant live chat, and CORE on-site search engine optimization backed by expert pros…

And we include hands-on help across the entire spectrum of our offering to ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes from their investment. While all other managed WordPress hosting providers concentrate on keeping their technology running, we concentrate on helping you be as productive with your investment as possible…

Meanwhile, we’ve continued to aggressively price SiteforLess. It is the absolute best value in scalable WordPress hosting and infinitely better compared to the cheap services found at other hosts like GoDaddy. If you tried to get all the features SiteforLess offers in our most basic Standard plan, you would end up spending over $1,500/mo elsewhere. (We audit this annually to alwasy ensure we’re the best value out there.)

Get Free Managed WordPress Service Providering & SEO By Pairing with

That’s nice… so how can I get SiteforLess Managed WordPress Service Providering for FREE?

Great question! liftDEMAND launched LiftDemand late in 2017. If you are unaware, LiftDemand helps our clients dramatically surpass their competitors. Where SiteforLess concentrates on simplifying website ownership, LiftDemand tackles ALL the necessary elements involved in taking over a local market.

Again, if you were to gather together ALL the elements we offer within LiftDemand, you would spend more than $5,000/mo elsewhere.

…SiteforLess is for websites and you can see our WordPress Managed Service Providering Plans here.

…LiftDemand is for ruling your local market. You can learn more about LiftDemand here.

The two fit together hand-in-glove…

…which is WHY we’re offering SiteforLess at zero cost when you choose to deploy LiftDemand… all the way up to our SiteforLess Elite plan!


Here’s how the FREE SiteforLess WordPress Service Providering offer works…

LiftDemand incorporates several core modules. These are:

  • Benchmarks & Basic Reporting (FREE)
  • Reputation Marketing & Review Monitoring
  • Custom Reputation Videos & Promotion
  • Citation Building & Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Lift.Link Backlink System
  • Social Media Broadcasting
  • Social Cover Building & Promotion
  • Marketing Automation (Email, SMS, Voice) with up to 10,000 contacts and 10,000 Email sends. (Can add more.)
  • Hands-on Coaching/Implementation Time

These are listed in the specific order of required implementation. Each builds on the previous to help create a unified local marketing presence. Our goal is to create a deep impact on your local market at several different levels. (We call these: Hunting, Farming, and Gleaning. By leveraging these three distinct sales & marketing methods you’ll ensure you always have a consistent flow of leads & sales.)

We offer 3 plans for LiftDemand:

  • Starter,
  • Executive, and
  • Elite

Starter Plan

The Starter plan includes all core features and: 1 hour of coaching, 3 custom videos per year, 1 social cover update per year, and 1,000 automation credits for the LiftDemand Marketing Automation platform. It is $900/mo and includes the SiteforLess Starter managed WordPress hosting plan FREE. (A savings up to $180/mo*.)

Executive Plan

The Executive plan includes all core features and: 2 hours of coaching, 6 custom videos per year, 3 social cover updates per year, and 2,500 automation credits for the LiftDemand Marketing Automation platform. It is $1,200/mo and includes the SiteforLess Executive managed WordPress hosting plan FREE. (A savings up to $240/mo*.)

Elite Plan

The Elite plan is our best value and incorporates MORE of what you need to make LiftDemand shine. It includes 4 hours of coaching, 12 custom videos per year, 6 social cover updates per year, and 10,000 automation credits for the LiftDemand Marketing Automation platform. It is $1,600/mo and includes the SiteforLess Elite managed WordPress plan FREE. (A savings up to $320/mo*.) *Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Credit may not be applied to Email services.


We’ve created the discount this way because as you go deeper into LiftDemand, you’ll want more assisted support time with SiteforLess to accomplish your goals.

And in case you’re doing the math, as you move from Starter to the Elite plan, the amount you are investing per LiftDemand module decreases… meaning more built-in savings for you


Want more savings?

We offer the annual pre-pay plan for LiftDemand. This means you can prepay for the year and get 12 months for the price of 10.

We also offer the liftDEMAND customer loyalty plan for LiftDemand. This means you can earn 1% off your invoice for each year you’ve been with us as a client… up to 5% off.

If you have been leveraging SiteforLess for 5+ years, you ALREADY qualify for 5% off all the LiftDemand plans!

Remember, at the Elite level you are getting a service with a real-world value of more than $5,000 per month!

This is the best of all worlds… free WordPress hosting by a top managed WordPress hosting service combined with an unbeatable value in local online marketing. 

By introducing this pricing mechanism, we’re giving you a chance to ease into LiftDemand at your pace.

At the same time, you also get to leverage Siteforless, the best WordPress hosting solution available.


Curious? Want Free WordPress Web Service Providering?

Perfect! Simply click here to set a time for us to call you at your convenience. We’ll explore your goals and options as well as how you can take advantage of this amazing value. We want to be sure you get the most out of SiteforLess and LiftDemand working together… and we’ll help you get the best free managed WordPress hosting along the way… whichever LiftDemand plan you choose.