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One Easy Step to Digital Marketing Success

At liftDEMAND we are known as being “One Easy Step to Online Marketing Success™”.  But we’re also “One Easy Step to Digital Marketing Success™” as well.  What’s the difference?  Fees!

You see, folks that call themselves Digital Marketing Agencies also charge a premium.  Largely Online Marketing and Digital Marketing are one in the same.  While Digital Marketing formerly encompassed a much wider field of marketing methods, the Internet has forever changed how information is distributed.  Thus there’s been a convergence of online marketing and digital marketing so that they have become nearly synonymous.


I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

My friends who’ve been involved in Digital Marketing for a long, long time kind of hate the fact that the term has been co-opted to effectively mean Online Marketing.  For them Digital Marketing was about finding novel ways to interact with people.  The problem is that their methods have become SO old-school.

For example, digital marketing might mean that you invite someone to fill out a reply card and then you’ll send them a CD-ROM which in turn would ask them to connect with an 800# for more information about the product or to schedule a one-on-one presentation.  Digital Marketing was the insertion of all things digital into a traditional marketing stream.


First the Internet, then the iPhone…

What precipitated the change begins with the Internet.  Suddenly information previously only available via a brochure could be interacted with directly online.  Plus you could attach a form to it so that you could immediately capture interest.  At the beginning you still had to send out CD-ROMs because dial-up couldn’t handle video or big images.  But with broadband, complex media rich concepts can be shared directly at the click of a mouse eliminating the need for many of the “digital marketing techniques”.

But the iPhone (and all other touch based mobile devices) truly changed the game.  You can insert a QR code into your advertisement that someone can quickly scan with their iPhone and then be taken immediately to a video with an integrated call to action.  It’s ALL online.


It may be the same but one costs more…

As I’ve written in the past, digital marketing always has been associated with higher consulting fees.  This is because again, up until recently, online marketing was considered a subset and a rather limited toolset relative to digital marketing in general.  Digital marketers are smart and have kept their high fees while almost exclusively concentrating their efforts on online marketing.  Other marketing firms have caught wind of this and realized they could probably charge more simply by adding “digital” to their names.


“One Easy Step to Digital Marketing Success™” as a best value…

We follow specific principles for digital marketing success.  Our corporate DNA is about giving our clients great VALUE.  We don’t compete on price.  We certainly don’t claim to be cheap.  But we adhere to strong policies around developing solutions that are simply heads and shoulders above the rest.  We concentrate on small steps to success that create giant leaps of success in the future.  This gives us our competitive edge and allows us to compete in surprising ways.  99% of all competitors simply can’t compete with what we can accomplish.  The other 1% are our friends.


So when considering Digital Marketing vs. Online Marketing, understand that liftDEMAND is indeed your One Easy Step to Digital Marketing Success™ even if you found us via a search talking about online marketing.  Regardless of how you found us we promise our one step marketing services will be affordable with helping hands to make sure that you succeed in your business goals.

Contact us for more details on how we can help you create an online marketing plan and then execute it.


Important:  One Easy Step to Online Marketing Success™ and One Easy Step to Digital Marketing Success™ are trademarks of liftDEMAND Inc.