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Refer A Friend

Benefits of liftDEMAND’s Refer-A-Friend Program

Double-sided Rewards

  • When you refer a friend to liftDEMAND and they sign up you will receive a $500 credit that you can apply to all liftDEMAND services. (Including Setup Fees)
  • Your friend that you refer will also receive a $500 credit upon sign-up that can be applied to service/setup fees as well.

NOTE: For you and your friend to receive the reward, your friend must sign up for liftDEMAND’s service.

Milestone Rewards

  • 5 Referrals – You’ll receive a custom-written piece of content of up to 500 words with a supporting graphic image. (A $1,500 value)
  • 10 Referrals – You’ll receive a reputation video (A $2,000 value)
  • 15 Referrals – You’ll receive a custom marketing video. (A $2,500 value)

NOTE: You will receive these rewards regardless of whether your friend signs up for liftDEMAND.

Refer-A-Friend Rules

For a referral to qualify for the program it must comply with our simple rules:

  • The referral is truly someone you know. The referral is, in some ways, like an endorsement. It’s why we are striving to be so generous with our rewards.
  • The referral is of a company that fits within one of our 5 defined professional services we help: Business Services, Financial Services, Health & Wellness Services, Home & Construction Related Services, Legal Services.
  • We do not already have a client of that type for a given zip code service area. As we only serve one client of each type in each zip code, you are safe to refer us clients you know within the zip code you operate in. Simply be aware. If you’ve sent us a law firm that has signed up for liftDEMAND be sure to avoid sending us more law firms within your zip code. You may send us law firms from other zip codes… and if you are concerned we can always run a check for you before you send us the submission… simply send a request to [email protected] and we’ll check and get back to you ASAP.