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Here's how to find the right marketing partner with confidence... Plus get a complete digital strategy to maximize success.

Having clarity before making a commitment is a good thing!


At liftDEMAND we understand how scary it can be to pick a marketing partner… so we’ve reimagined the entire process.

We believe you deserve to see a detailed plan of action before making huge commitments. We think that’s better than you being stuck into long-term contracts or making huge investments with little to show for it.

Our experts will look at your brand and competitors along with your “dream clients” and market conditions. We will then create a complete digital marketing strategy. Our strategy will be custom tailored specifically for your professional services business.

We specialize in Business Services, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Home & Construction, and Legal professional services so we bring our expertise to bear in helping you crack your market and achieve your objectives.

Whether you work with us or someone else, you will have a complete plan that you can execute to help you lift demand for your business.

Get to know us. See our vision. Learn how to Market Wisely™ before making a massive commitment. And if you do decide to work with us, what you invest in your customized DEMANDplan™ will offset our platform setup fees!

How does the DEMANDplan™ work?


Do you want to generate dynamic growth in your business? Then you need something more than a haphazard approach to your online marketing efforts. That’s where the DEMANDplan™ comes in handy.

At liftDEMAND, we specialize in professional services including Business Services, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Home & Construction, and Legal. Our DEMANDplan™ is created by understanding your goals, strengths, and competitive threats. We’ll also give you clarity on your Dream Clients. (What defines them, where do they hang out, what drives their decisions, etc.)

Step 1: Signup for a DEMANDplan™

Pick a date and time for your initial consultation call. The simple choice of letting liftDEMAND work with you on a marketing blueprint for your success is a bright idea!

We promise to make this as easy and painless as possible for you!

Step 2: Initial Consultation

Have a call with your dedicated Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. (They are your plan’s author and they will work with you on implementation should you choose liftDEMAND as your marketing partner.)

We will invest the time to become familiar with your brand, vision, goals, competitors, and market conditions. Then we will get to work!

Step 3: Planning

Our team, under the direction of your Fractional CMO, will create your DEMANDplan™ over the course of 10-14 business days…

We are your experienced strategic partner. We are all about designing a plan to help you achieve better and better results over time.

Step 4: Presentation

We’ll share our findings and recommendations as well  tailor-made creative assets. You will receive a complete DEMANDplan™ with all the elements from copy inspiration to design concepts that you need for a winning strategy in your market.

Your DEMANDplan™ is backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

What does the DEMANDplan™ include?


We’ll closely examine your existing brand identity and your competitors too. We’ll help you understand your position in the marketplace and help you find YOUR UNIQUE voice. We’ll help you define your primary audience. Then we’ll give you clarity on how to connect your brand with that audience.

Content Marketing

Content is at the core of digital marketing. We will give you a complete content strategy so that you know what you need to say over the next 12 months. Our strategy will help you engage with your clients. It will also dramatically improve your potential reach in search engines like Google and Bing.

Paid Advertising

We will create “dream client personas” that reflect your perfect customers. These will include their interests, behaviors, and where they look for the services you offer. We will create sample reference ads to demonstrate how copy and graphics work together to embody your strategy. Ads can be used across multiple platforms including Facebook, Google, Display Ad Networks, etc.

Social Content

We’ll create a social strategy with topics that connect with your audience while also reflecting your brand identity and marketing goals. We will help you develop an “omnipresent” strategy encompassing all major social networks.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well! We will create custom Email flow strategies to help you connect and engage with your clients and prospects alike.

Brand Reputation Marketing

We will create a 5-star reputation strategy. It will help you build, maintain, defend, and market your reputation in your marketplace.

Website & Sales Funnels

We will give you a website strategy designed to help your website transition from a “billboard” to a dynamic sales tool. It will help you increase conversions and improve your lead nurturing processes.

Backed by the liftDEMAND team

What makes liftDEMAND different? We start by giving you a dedicated Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. The Fractional CMO’s function is to:

  • Help you develop a winning strategy,
  • Monitor your ongoing marketing performance,
  • Keep all aspects of your strategy running smoothly.

Our team also includes dedicated support, designers, copywriters, developers, and client success representatives.

The fact that you have an entire team available to work on your behalf simplifies your efforts. It allows you to focus your energy on other tasks outside of marketing that will help you grow your business.

Potent marketing tech made easy!

If you choose liftDEMAND as your marketing partner you will find we are a single-source marketing solution.

By letting us implement your DEMANDplan™ we will take care of all the technology required to help you succeed.

By allowing us to manage your entire technology stack, we help you avoid headaches and help you cut costs. 

You can then reinvest those savings into paid marketing to further increase your market share.

How’s that for easy?


  • We have built a custom secure cloud on Amazon AWS that handles your website, sales funnels, Email marketing, content marketing, and social too.
  • We have additional technologies that then magnify and expand your social footprint and manage your advertising.
  • We have our own world-class reputation management solution.
  • And we have co-developed an industry-leading marketing automation platform.

What does a marketing plan cost?

The industry average for a small business marketing plan ranges from $10,000 to over $50,000.

Large companies sometimes can invest $1 million and more in developing a detailed marketing plan. 

 A DEMANDplan™ helps you focus and maximize your marketing impact. By conducting all the research up front, you’ll have a  guide for all of your marketing initiatives. This ensures consistency, setting the best goals, tracking results, adjusting, and making future decisions.

Without a DEMANDplan™ for your marketing, you could waste resources and potentially damage your brand with an unclear message, leveraging the wrong channels, and targeting the wrong potential clients. Do you really want to work hard with zero results? With a DEMANDplan™ you know exactly who to target, why, and how.

Get your DEMANDplan™

At liftDEMAND we help you market wisely™. Knowing your market and how best to connect with it lays the foundation to your success. It’s a smart choice.

As we work to craft your digital marketing plan you’ll have confidence knowing that we are guided by our C.A.R.E. Principle…  We are Creative, Attentive, Results-Driven, and Exceptional in what we do.

The DEMANDplan is also backed by our industry-leading 100% Happiness Guarantee. Our #1 priority at liftDEMAND is your happiness. We stand by our services and solutions 100%! If you have a problem with what we deliver, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. Simply reach out to our Client Support Team. We’re here for you.

The DEMANDplan™ includes the following recommendations, strategies, and bonus:


  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Marketing
  • Website & Sales Funnels
  • 100% off future platform setup fees 

Build an Profit Generating Machine™ starting with a custom DEMANDplan™

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